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JK Thomas & Associates offers a variety of products and services customized to your own needs. Each of the items below can be tailored to your specific goals and budget, and we work closely with you to make sure your requirements are met.

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21st Century Professional Development by Design

Create Your District's 21st Century Professional Development Plan in Just 3 Easy Steps!

No two districts are the same, that's why JK Thomas can customize your professional development and overall district improvement plan to your district's specific needs, budget, and circumstances. We provide you with all of the options, platforms, experts, resources, and guidance you need, and you choose what you want to use.

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On Demand Professional Development Library

In today's busy world, Educators often won't have time to attend conferences and coaching sessions... so how are they expected to improve their professional growth? One answer is through asynchronous, online professional development.

With JK Thomas' online bank of On Demand programs, any educator can improve their own instructional or leadership skills on their own schedule. We have organized each program in such a way that a participant can take it in small chunks if necessary and resume their progress whenever they want and from any location they want.

We also have the capacity to create a custom bank of programs to meet your district or school goals. We can pick and choose only titles that are relevant to you, and have the capability of creating new programs specifically for you. JK Thomas will work with you to plan the content, and we can also find a presenter that you will be happy with.

We can also tailor existing programs to meet your requirements; from custom certificates of completion to altering the grade required to complete each program.

Our current list of titles includes:
  • Using Technology to Create 21st Century Schools
  • Leadership in Assessment and Grading
  • Building Leadership Capacity for Professional Learning Communities
  • Critical Issues: Leading the RTI Process
  • The Leader's Guide to Implementing Continuous Improvement in Schools
  • Effective Time Management
  • Differentiated Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms
  • Intermediate Differentiated Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction with Technology
  • Working with Our Most Difficult and Challenging Students
  • Reading in the Content Areas
  • Brain Based Classrooms
  • Teaching with the Brain in Mind
  • Maximizing the Achievement of English Language Learners
  • Technology Tools: Effective Implementation
  • Powering Up: 21st Century Tools
  • Teaching the Digital Age Learner
  • At Risk Learners
  • Building Academic Language in Your Classroom
  • Teaming Rocks!
  • An Introduction to Assessment FOR Learning
  • Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

To learn more about our On Demand Programs for Leaders, click here. OR click here to learn more about our On Demand Programs for Teachers.

Customized Bi-Weekly Professional Development eBulletins

JK Thomas produces a bi-weekly PD eBulletin. Each PD eBulletin gives the busy district or school-level leader brief, practical, free, high quality learning opportunities in a variety of media formats.

We are happy to work with you to provide a customized, branded bi-weekly eBulletin to your staff, complete with announcements and advertisements pertaining to your own organization. We work with you to create a template that you are comfortable with, with as many or as little outside resources as you choose. We also have the option of sending the eBulletin to your members ourselves, or we can forward the eBulletin to you in a format that works for you to forward on to your staff.

To see examples of our current generic eBulletins, click here.

Online Network Hosting and Facilitation

Online Networking is a tool becoming more and more popular in professional learning. Participants engage in a wide variety of options and opportunities to engage in professional learning including access to online resources and asynchronous discussions.

JK Thomas proudly offers you and your members access to our very own professional online social network for Educators; The Education Thought Leader Network. To learn more about the ETLN specifically, click here.

Two ways to utilize this tool:
  • Participating in the Education Thought Leader Network (ETLN) is free to all educators across North America. The ETLN provides access to all sorts of resources; articles, videos, websites, etc. related to professional learning communities and teacher collaboration. Participants can connect with others across the nation and carry on a self-administered learning and sharing program.
  • OR we can work with you to create your own group within the ETLN, exclusive to your district or school. You have the option of facilitating the group yourself, or we can facilitate for you. Your staff will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with colleages in their own school and district teams, as well as access to the national ETLN and all the resources it includes.

Consulting Services

Don't see an option that fits for you? No problem! JK Thomas has over 40 years of experience in the Education industry and we will work closely with you to find a solution to work for your needs and budget.

We can provide as little or as much support as you need to achieve your district or school goals. You can choose all of the options on this page, just a few, or we can create entirely new programs to fit your organization.

It starts with an hour long consultation meeting where we analyze your district or school, what needs improvement, how much improvement, and the best strategy for cultivating that improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services above, please click here to contact us via email, or call us at 1-888-459-3888. We look forward to hearing from you!
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